ASHLEY BROOKE WALTER, shot on location in NYC, 2014.


Name: Ashley Brooke Walter
Originally from: Made In the USA.
Current location: NY, NY
Agency: New York Models
Instagram: @AshleyBrookeWalter




8th July 2014

Who is Ashley Brooke Walter?

An egotistical maniac using her middle name like that...CLEARLY (laughs) I was a crazy cat lady WAY before it was the “cool” thing to do. Cats are such a-holes and I love it! I’m obsessed with them- especially my orange tabby Charlie. I’m a child. I refuse to grow up; being an adult is a snooze. It’s why I chose Acting/Modeling for a career (  I get to play dress up and pretend for a living. I have been training with Anthony Abeson for 2years. I want to get good before I become famous ;) I’m blunt and probably should think a little bit more before I speak. I’m a Sagittarius and obsessed with that fact. I love my family, boyfriend, whiskey, summer, thunderstorms, and the smell of fresh mountain air. As you can tell, the City is by far my favorite place- like- ever.

 What did you do before modeling?

I was a competitive Figure Skater for 14 years.  It pretty much was all I knew since I was 4.5 years old. It was an epic love affair. I loved it, hated it, and loved to hate it (laughs). Seriously though, it shaped the person I am today. I’m self disciplined to a fault- I eat, breathe, sleep my dreams which was instilled in me during my athlete years. Nothing came easy to me-it still doesn’t (laughs). I loved 5:30am rehearsals. Actually, I fricken hated them BUT looking back they are my favorite memories. I had the ice to myself, my music blasting, the damp cold air against my face, and the sound of ice crunching with every edge I made.

ASHLEY BROOKE WALTER, shot on location in NYC, 2014.

If you weren't a model?

If I wasn’t a Model I would be an Actress… which is totally cheating the question. I am an Actress/Model but I seriously can’t imagine doing anything else. Acting is my ice cream - I always have room for it. I dream to move an audience the way some actors move me when I watch them.

Your personal passion or hidden talents? 

I like to sing, but I have a fear singing in public. I nearly gag when I have too. That is why I faced my fear and joined a Musical my acting teacher (Anthony Abeson) is writing. I don’t know why I put myself in these HOLY crap situations but I do. I also love to bake and do anything arts and craft-y. Martha fricken Stewart I am….Yoda?  (laugh) Why did I just speak like Yoda?

Ten years from now (you will be…)?

Ten years from now I will be a well respected actress living in Los Angeles, in a quaint house right on the beach so I can walk out my front door and curl my toesies into the warm sand. Hopefully with my current boyfriend - Ryan…If he can deal with me that long :P We will have a cute little family with two cats, a French bulldog name Little Thor, and maybe a baby (laughs). I’m sure I just scared him off!

Favorite word?

ASHLEY BROOKE WALTER, shot on location in NYC, 2014.

Sexy. I have no idea why I automatically answered with that word. I just love when everyone shows a little bit of sexy. Spices things up a bit (laughs).

What’s no fun?

Migraines- God I hate them and I get them way too often.

 Instant gratification? 

Sex… My poor father who reads that answer one day (laughs) Also, ice cream. Ice cream after sex (laughs). It’s everybody’s, they are just way to chicken to admit it.

Current 'eye candy'?

Ian Sommerholder!!! GODDDDD... the things I’d do…I mean my boyfriend’s pretty FINE too :P

Favorite Movie?

Every Quentin Tarantino movie! I seriously would do anything to be in one of his movies. You hear that Mr. Tarantino?! ANYTHING! …. Wait that sounds awful… I’m a lady Tarantino don’t get any ideas, just put me in your movie (laughs).

Agent Provocateur (US)

Something 'Timeless'?

Winnie The Pooh. I adore him. He is my spirit animal.

A quote that sums you up:

“So don’t play with me because you’re playing with fire.”
- The Rolling Stones.