CECILIA SINGLEY, shot on location in NYC, 2014.


Name: Cecilia Singley
Originally from: New Orleans, USA
Current location: Manhattan, NY
Agency: One.1 Management, NY
Instagram: @ceciliasingley

CECILIA SINGLEY, One.1 Management, NY.

CECILIA SINGLEY, One.1 Management, NY.


25th November 2014

Who is Cecilia Singley?

These types of questions are hard, can't say too much or little, can't be pompous or overly humble. In a very small nutshell: I'm half French, with the body hair and palette to prove it.  Grew up in New Orleans with the joviality and skepticism to prove that as well. My favorite people are my parents and pets (sshhh, just go with it). I live in NYC as a model, "living the dream" as TV would have you believe. I take pride in my loyalty. I love to eat and cook. My dry humor and quick wit granted me the superlative of funniest person in the 10th grade -- my proudest achievement to date. My best friend is a cat..

 What did you do before modeling?

I was a student, living in New Orleans. The moments leading up to being a signed model (with Ford), I was at a women's shelter in downtown New Orleans tutoring a very special group of ladies intent on getting their GEDs. Good karma? 

If you weren’t a model what would you be?

Either a sex therapist or a chef of some sort -- a personal chef, or test kitchen chef for Bon Appetit for example but not a restaurant chef. I grew up around that world and promised my father I'd never follow that path. He's cool with me being a sex therapist though.

Your personal passion or hidden talents? 

Food is my number one passion. My dream shopping spree would be in a grocery store -- smelling, sampling, touching everything to take home to experiment with. I'm totally enthralled while at Eataly in NYC or La Grande Épicerie in Paris, exposed to incredible oils, peculiar fruits, meats and fresh pastas; Hong Kong Market on the West Bank in New Orleans for bull "pizzles", pig uteri, insane mushrooms and the best pho and coconut water in town. As for talent, I'd like to think I'm a talented cook but I suppose that depends on who I'm feeding.

CECILIA SINGLEY, One.1 Management, NY.

CECILIA SINGLEY, One.1 Management, NY.

Ten years from now (you will be…)?

Experienced, traveled, learned-- I keep reminding myself that my 20s is primetime to say yes to almost everything without hesitation. That way in my 30s I'll have hopefully learned sort of enough to make a decision about what to do with my life in preparation of growing up.

Favorite word?

Lagniappe - it represents my home, New Orleans, which is also where the word made its entrance into the English language. When I hear or say it I am instantly brought home for just a moment. Plus it's meaning is a cheerful one -- a little unsolicited, extra gift makes everyone's day better.

What’s no fun?

Bras and really cold, windy weather.

Instant gratification? 

Gooey, bodega mac and cheese. Spending time in a kitchen and improvising something that turns out perfect.  

Current 'eye candy'?

My secret.

Favorite movie?

The Coen Brothers' "No Country For Old Men"

CECILIA SINGLEY, One.1 Management, NY.

Topshop  US

Something 'Timeless'?

My mother.

What’s your beauty secret or essential grooming routine?

I let my skin take care of itself, no facewash or scrubs. A good moisturizer every so often. Essential grooming routine -- all I'll say is thank God for wax. 

A quote that sums you up:

“Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.”
  - Hedy Lamarr.