KELSEY WARMAN, shot on location in NYC, 2014.


Name: Kelsey Nicole Warman
Originally from: Michigan, USA
Current location: Manhattan, NYC
Agency: Marilyn Models, NY
Instagram: @kelseywarman

KELSEY WARMAN, Marilyn Models

KELSEY WARMAN, Marilyn Models


3rd June 2014

Who is Kelsey Warman?

I'm 20 years old grew up in a small town in Michigan, where in fact Kellogg's cereal was founded, no big deal. I find myself taking opportunity by the raines and riding with it. As I did with modeling and here I am few years down the road. In New York after a worldly adventure under my belt. I want my life to have as much excitement and adventure that it can handle. I'm not picky which explains my love to try new exotic foods. However there is something about vintage clothing that I can't get enough of. I love the history and the versatility of old clothing. It's the fact that theres is a story behind them and it hasn't ended yet and now I'm apart of it. I'm a pretty free spirit. Live minute by minute.

 What did you do before modeling?

I was a competitive dancer for about 6 years. It was my life. I worked really hard and I am so thankful for the structure it brought to my life. Not to mention how much it has benefited my modeling and movement.

KELSEY WARMAN, shot on location in NYC, 2014.

Your personal passion or hidden talents? 

I don't know that it's much of a secret to my close friends and family but CUPCAKES. I think if I could bake cupcakes everyday and while transforming them into a healthy sweet treat for every individual to enjoy. Life would be very fulfilling.

Ten years from now (you will be…)?

Having no thoughts of where I'd rather be. Happy. Surrounded by people that I love and trust. Being stable enough to pursue some adventures. I'm excited to see what the next decade brings. 

Favorite word?

Ambiance. It's a beautiful word and Everyone loves a good ambiance, a good environment. 

What’s no fun?

Being cold. I may need to hibernate for the next Winter.

 Instant gratification? 

Making someone smile.

Current 'eye candy'?

Birkenstock sandals are back. I think I've got to snap up a pair.

Something 'Timeless'?

Jumpsuits. All day everyday.

A quote that sums you up:

“Life is where 'what if?' runs away with 'why not?'”
  - Unknown.

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