MICK SZAL, shot on location in NYC, 2014.


Name: Mick Szal
Originally from: The good ol’ US of A.
Current location: My very messy room in the LES of New York City.
Agency: Women 360, NY
Instagram: @mickszal

MICK SZAL, Women360, NY.

MICK SZAL, Women360, NY.


19th June 2014

Who is Mick Szal?

Whaaaaat?? You don’t know who Mick Szal is?? That’s just crazy. She’s only the most fun, beautiful, insanely famous model in the whole wide world! She’s also a liar. A total scamp. She’ll swindle you in cards and then steal your drink when you go to the loo. Watch out for that one. She’s not to be trusted. 

 What did you do before modeling?

Caused trouble and mayhem in Delaware. Nothing particularly destructive, just your typical teenage shenanigans like terrorizing Drive Thru attendants with wild demands over Happy Meal toys while your friend wheels you through in a shopping cart. I also once worked as a telemarketer for a University. That was Hell. Trust me, we don’t want to call you any more than you do. I got fired over my complacency over whether people donated.   

A Behind The Scenes look at the portrait shoot with Mick Szal for Models I Met and Liked

Your personal passion or hidden talents? 

I love making people laugh. This sort of encompasses many of my hidden talents. I like to draw cartoons and I like to make stop motion animation films. I like to write and I play the ukulele. I also can eat an entire gallon of ice cream in one sitting and I think THAT is my greatest talent. I have often considered entering the world of competitive eating.

Ten years from now (you will be…)?

The Empress of the Free Colonies of the North. Let’s be real here, the zombie apocalypse is coming and we probably don’t have all that long left before it gets here. When it does, you have to decide which side you’re going to be on. I know what you’re thinking, “Well, that’s easy, the human side” but you’re wrong and that’s why you are NOT going to be an empress. No, you want to side with the zombies initially. Gain their trust, rise through the ranks until eventually you’re the military commander turned president. Then, you take your zombie army and bring the humans, pathetically blubbering for mercy, to their knees. After that it’s just your standard rule with an iron fist sort of dictatorship with Zombie enforcers until I get the robots up and running. They’ll eventually be my downfall but man, till then, things will be great. …for me.

MICK SZAL, shot on location in NYC, 2014.

Favorite word?

Sehnsucht. A German word which describes the feeling of missing someone while also being addicted to them. I think it’s a lovely thought.

MICK SZAL, shot on location in NYC, 2014.

What’s no fun?

Most people! Seriously, people are such wet blankets. Do you know how many times I’ve been told not to blow bubbles in my milk by people?? Far too many. If everyone were a little more laid back, imagine how much fun this World could be!

 Instant gratification? 

Sugar! God, I love Sugar. I am the perfect New York City dessert guide. I have a subconscious mental map cataloguing all of the desserts I have eaten around NYC. Oh, are you in Greenwich Village at midnight and you want something sweet? Insomnia cookies. Feeling peckish in the afternoon in Soho? Rice to Riches! You’re in LES and your friend has food allergies? Babycakes. I am a Sugar Monster. Now I want some. Thanks a lot. 

Current 'eye candy'?

Lead singer of The Midnight Hollow, Spencer Draeger. So dreamy.

MICK SZAL, shot on location in NYC, 2014.

Something 'Timeless'?

ME! On a side note, I just google image searched timeless and all I came up with was a bunch of clocks, which seems entirely silly to me because if anything were to NOT be timeless, I’d say it’s a clock.  

A quote that sums you up:

“Curiouser and Curiouser"
– Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll


B-b-b-b-b-b-booonuuuus roouunnnddd….


If you weren’t a model what would you be?:

Well, as a kid I really wanted to be a butterfly but I think that isn’t going to happen anymore. In high school I thought that I’d like to be a lawyer but that is nearly as silly as butterfly given my penchant for avoiding confrontation. I’d be up there arguing my client’s case and it’d only take like one outburst from the other lawyer for me to back down and say something like “Yeah ok, I guess he’s guilty. You’re probably right. I’m sorry.” Worst. Lawyer. Ever. If I had to guess, I’d probably be doing something in food, like owning a gluten free bakery.